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Regency Stand-Alone Audiobooks Bundle

Regency Stand-Alone Audiobooks Bundle

Read by Various Narrators

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Retellings of familiar tales - with a Regency twist - and holiday-themed romances, together in one delightful bundle, 50% off the total retail price.

This bundle includes three novellas:

The Captain and Miss Winter, based loosely upon the fairy tale Snow White & Rose Red, enter the French forests after the war with Napoleon and find a treasure with a handsome English soldier. 

An Unsuitable Suitor, inspired by the film Sabrina, what does an older sister do when a most unsuitable man shows up claiming to be in love with her younger sister? Distract him, of course, and never let on that she's falling for him herself... (Updated 2nd Edition)

Letters for Phoebe, inspired by You've Got Mail and Shop Around the Corner, what happens when you fall in love with a mysterious note-writer and your enemy?

Also included, two full-length novels: 

A Haunting at Havenwood, a sweet October tale with friendly, match-making ghosts and a reclusive bachelor with a stutter. Not to mention a hidden treasure and castle ruins! A perfect tale for making any season sweetly spooky. 

A Mistletoe Mismatch, a Christmas tale of childhood enemies putting away their pranks and working together at last toward a common goal: keep their loved ones from getting married! And do their level best not to fall in love while they play together in the snow.

Get all five audiobooks now and enjoy a delightful getaway to the world of ballrooms, courtship, and romance. 

Main Tropes

  • Duty vs. Desire
  • Enemies-to-Lovers
  • Secret Admirer
  • Love Triangle (Gentle)
  • Unrequited Love
  • Clean/Sweet


The Captain and Miss Winter: A captain seeking to repair the past and the daughter of a fallen gentleman, searching for a treasure that will change their lives forever.

An Unsuitable Suitor: When an unsuitable gentleman appears to court a baron's daughter, it's an older sister's duty to stand in his way. And, of course, not fall in love with him herself.

Letters for Phoebe: When Phoebe starts receiving anonymous letters, she never once thinks the most irresponsible man in London is her correspondent. Or that she will fall in love with him.

A Haunting at Havenwood: When Louisa Banner's mother announces they are poor, she cannot help her misgivings when her mother sends her away to live with her great aunt in a tiny, Northumberland village. Louisa's aunt also happens to live near the ruins of an ancient castle. Although Louisa insists she is not the least bit superstitious, tales of lost treasure and ghosts intrigue her.

When Louisa stumbles upon a forgotten graveyard, and a man whose name comes directly from a tombstone, she isn’t certain whether to run away in terror or stay and get to know the handsome spirit.

A Mistletoe Mismatch: If Jessica and Ellis can put the past behind them to work together, it will be a Christmas miracle. Former childhood friends fight to end one relationship while trying not to fall into one of their own.

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